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Middle Temple Library begins crowd funding to restore 16th century Elizabeth case reports

30 Nov 2018

Middle Temple Library is crowd-funding for the restoration of one of its important manuscripts of Elizabeth case reports covering 26 to 32 Elizabeth I [circa 1583/4-1589/90]. The manuscript was written in the late 16th century by an unidentified scribe, possibly by the ‘R. Bromley of the Middle Temple’ whose signature is found early on in the manuscript. Unfortunately at some point in the past it came into contact with water, which has ruined the binding and created mould damage. Some mould is continuing to grow on the paper. Dirt has become ingrained throughout. The paper has become fragile and is splitting along the spine. Previous paper repairs were poorly done and have stiffened and strained the paper. The cost of restoration is much higher than normal due to the severity of damage, and it will cost £1,090 to repair.

Should crowd-funding be successful, the repair will be carried out by Sussex Conservation Consortium, based in Amberley. SCC was set up by Ruth Stevens and Ian Watson, who are both fully accredited conservators (ACR) with the Institute of Conservation (ICON). Ruth and Ian specialise in the conservation of manuscript and printed books from Western Europe dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century and have worked for the National Trust and Westminster Cathedral amongst other institutions.

If you would like to contribute to the repair of this volume, please contact the Librarian, Renae Satterley:, 020 7427 4830.