Middle Temple at the 2017 London Marathon

On Sunday 23 April 2017, five brave souls from Middle Temple will be running the London Marathon on behalf of the Inn. This year we are aiming to raise £5,000 for our charities and kindly ask you to support our runners by donating.

If every Bencher and member that read this opening paragraph clicked here and donated even a small amount, we'd be well on our way to achieving our target. 

The five runners for Middle Temple this year are:

Chloe Cina - Employed Barrister at HSBC

James Keeley - Barrister at New Bridge Street Chambers

Daniel Miles - Front of House at Middle Temple

Sophie Shaw - Barrister at Brick Court

Christopher Walker - Barrister at Old Square Chambers

This year, in addition to raising money for the Middle Temple Scholarship Fund Appeal, we will be raising money for the Royal Society. The Society’s fundamental purpose, reflected in its founding Charters of the 1660s, is to recognise, promote, and support excellence in science and to encourage the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity. The Society has played a part in some of the most fundamental, significant, and life-changing discoveries in scientific history and Royal Society scientists continue to make outstanding contributions to science in many research areas. Their priorities include:

  • Promoting science and its benefits
  • Recognising excellence in science
  • Supporting outstanding science
  • Providing scientific advice for policy
  • Fostering international and global cooperation
  • Education and public engagement 

Through Virgin Money Giving, your donations will be quickly processed and passed to our charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on our behalf, if you are eligible to receive it, and pass that on to our charities.We, and the Royal Society, would like to thank you for your support and hope to see you cheering Middle Temple during the run on 23 April 2017.For more information on our charities and to donate please visit the donation page.