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COVID-19 appeal for BBA and Middle Temple Hardship Fund

17 Apr 2020

Dear fellow Middle Templars

Middle Temple during COVID-19 Outbreak

In my letter of 14 April, I referred to the financial hardship that many of our members will be suffering as a result of this crisis and invited your attention to the campaigns being mounted to support those in urgent need. I also promised to provide details.
As I explained, for practising members of the Bar, the Inns have agreed to work through the Bar Benevolent Association and, initially, have committed a substantial sum to the appeal. We have proceeded in this way because the BBA has the structure and experience to deal with hardship applications. In case you have not yet received it, you can go to the website and click Download Donations Form. This will take you to the Appeal and the Donation and Gift Aid Declaration form.  I do hope that all who can donate to support practising barristers affected by the COVID-19 emergency will do so. 
Similarly, I would also ask for your support for those members of the Inn who are not eligible for assistance from the BBA, including students and pupils. This is an appeal being run entirely by the Middle Temple. Many will doubtless have been seeking to fund their studies and the period prior to pupillage with work that has vanished. All of us will well remember those difficult days when seeking to start out in the profession and I am sure that everyone will appreciate how much more problematic and challenging this emergency makes the position of those who follow us. The precise details of the operation of the fund (including the criteria for eligibility) are still being worked out by a group chaired by the Deputy Treasurer; I hope that we will publish the criteria by the end of next week following a meeting of the Executive Committee (as I made clear would be necessary in my last letter). That should not, however, prevent donations (which can benefit from Gift Aid relief) and I would urge you generously to support Middle Templars to such extent as you can.  It is vital that we seek to minimise the difficulties faced by this and the next generation of barristers and pass on the good fortune that we, more senior members of the profession, enjoyed. 

You can donate to this Middle Temple fund in one of three ways. First, you can e-mail for a standing order form which we can then process (even for a single payment): this is the most cost efficient. Second, you can use the Charities Aid Foundation the name of the Charity being ‘Charities Administered ICW The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple’. Finally, you can donate through JustGiving here. For both appeals, I can only ask that you are as generous as possible.  
I end by repeating my hope that you all keep safe in these very troubling times and by wishing you all well. 
With best wishes,

The Rt. Hon. Sir Brian Leveson