31 January 2018 Survive and Thrive Programme: The entrepreneurial barrister and how to grow your business

As a barrister, how do you feel about being labelled an entrepreneur? Most would shake their head and claim the likes of Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg are entrepreneurs, and that barristers are the complete opposite to these types of people. We disagree.

Monster.com gives the following definition: ‘Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, optimistic and future-oriented. They believe they'll be successful and are willing to risk their resources in pursuit of profit. They have high energy levels and are sometimes impatient. They are always thinking about their business and how to increase their market share.’

Sounds just like a barrister! We argue that barristers need to move away from describing themselves as self-employed, to instead labelling themselves ‘legal entrepreneurs’ and behaving as an entrepreneur would. However, something rather substantial is holding barristers back from doing this: how to increase market share and how to nurture and develop relationships. The problem is twofold:

Barristers are incredibly busy and feel they don’t have time to think about growing their businessBarristers don’t know how to effectively develop their business and grow their existing relationshipsDuring this event, we will map out all of the components that go into attracting, developing and winning business, as well as nurturing the relationships that barristers already have. The event will explore:

  • Understanding what goes into the verbal and non-verbal relationship between two people and on a business level
  • How body language and tone of voice can aid, but also, hinder you
  • Why awkward silences can help you to win business
  • Looking in detail at how to develop and win business in the legal industry
  • How to work a room


Gavin Presman - Gavin Presman is an international trainer, speaker and insight coach supporting individuals and teams and helping them to produce extraordinary results in their business and personal lives. He is also the author of two bestselling business titles, Negotiation, how to craft agreements that give everyone more (2016, Ikon) and How to sell with complete confidence (2017, Macmillan). Gavin is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Trainer and EMEA Partner for Lumina Learning. Gavin is the son of a teacher, a politician, a preacher, and a City Lawyer. Evenings in the Presman household involved little TV and much debate!

Chrissie Lightfoot - Chrissie Lightfoot is an international legal figure, entrepreneur, legal futurist, legal tech investor, writer, and international keynote speaker, legal and business commentator. In 2017, Chrissie won the AI Legal Awards for best legal professional coaching company.

Moderator - Clive Anderson - Clive Anderson is a barrister by training, but he is best known for being a broadcaster, comedy writer and television and radio presenter. Winner of a British Comedy Award in 1991, Clive currently hosts ‘Clive Anderson’s Chat Room’ on BBC Radio 2, ‘Loose Ends’ on BBC Radio 4 and ‘Unreliable Evidence’, in which he discusses legal issues with major figures from the world of the law. 

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