Dietary Requirements

  1. On request the Inn can provide the following meals:
    • Vegetarian 
    • Gluten-free
    • Halal
    • Vegan 
  2. The Inn is not able to provide Kosher meals, but can heat them if they are procured by a student from outside caterers or provided by the student.
  3. If a student procures or provides his or her own food or does not have a meal at all, the Inn makes a nominal charge amounting to approximately one third of the ordinary ticket price. Waiver of the full price is not possible as the cost attached to a Qualifying Session is not limited to the actual food. Students’ guests, or members who have completed the 12 Qualifying Sessions are charged the full price.
  4. Ramadan

As the collegiate element of a Qualifying Sessions invariably involves a meal or other refreshments, those who observe Ramadan may want to try to avoid booking QS within that period. For those who do wish to attend a QS during Ramadan, the following will apply:

  • Students can attend without being given any food. In that case, they will be charged approximately one third of the ordinary ticket price as a contribution towards the cost of the evening.
  • Students can buy a ticket at full price and receive a cold meal, either to be consumed in Hall when appropriate or to take away.

 Either way, students will have to stay until the end of the QS.