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Terms and Conditions, Refund and Cancellation Policies

Terms and Conditions of Hire


3 Middle Temple Lane, London, EC4Y 9AA



  1. All bookings are contracts entered into between The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple (“The Inn”) and you “The Hirer”.
  2. The Inn reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse to take a booking.
  3. The Hirer shall pay the full charge via Debit or Credit card at the time of booking through the Inn’s website. Rooms are not reserved until full payment is received.
  4. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking, cancellation must be made via the Inn’s website or by calling the Treasury Office during normal office opening hours.
  5. Where proper cancellation notice is given more than 5 clear working days prior to the first hire day, a full refund will be made.
  6. Where less than 5 but more than 2 clear working days’ proper cancellation notice is given, the Hirer will receive a 50% refund.
  7. Where less than 2 clear working days’ proper cancellation notice is given, no refund will be made. (NB – the Inn’s working days’ are Monday – Friday inclusive but exclude all Bank Holidays and Public Holidays).
  8. Rooms are available for use from 1430 on the first day of hire until 10.00 on the last day of hire. The Frobisher, Sheridan & Chichester Suite must not be occupied by more than two people (including children aged 6 or over) at any time.
  9. The Raleigh, Buchan and Drake Suites must not be occupied by more than four people (including children aged 6 or over) at any time.
  10. Keys are available for collection on the first day of hire between 1430 and 1900 from Front of House staff in Middle Temple Hall Lodge unless otherwise agreed in writing. Their contact number is 020 7427 4814
  11. If the Hirer is delayed and cannot get to Hall before 1900pm the Middle Temple Security Office (which is located at 4A Essex Court) and can be contacted 24/7 on 020 7797 7768 to agree revised arrangement for collection of the keys.
  12. Where the first day of booking is a Saturday, a Sunday or a Bank Holiday, the keys should still be collected from Hall as above.
  13. Upon departure, the keys should be left in the Lodging Room(s) in a prominent place.
  14. Late departure from any room(s) may incur an additional charge, per room, of £25 per hour or for any part thereof.
  15. All hire charges quoted are inclusive of VAT.
  16. The hire charges applied are as published by the Inn from time to time.
  17. These Lodgings are not suitable for children under 6 years of age. If the Hirer is found to have under age children in the Lodgings they will be required to vacate immediately. The Inn does not make any special provision for children, they must use the beds and other facilities provide by the Inn. Hirers are not permitted to bring temporary beds, cots or mattresses into the Lodgings.
  18. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the cost of making good any damaged caused to the Lodgings, the furniture, bedding, towels, fixtures and fittings and for the loss of any items from the room(s) hired, consumables excepted.
  19. Where damage prevents a room from being rehired, the Inn reserves the right to recover any consequential loses.
  20. The Hirer shall not affix anything to the walls, doors or furniture in the room(s).
  21. The arrangement of the furniture in the room(s) should not be changed in any way.
  22. The Inn accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to, the loss or safety of any personal property belonging to the Hirer or belonging to anyone sharing the room(s) with the Hirer or with the Hirer but staying in another room(s)
  23. All parking within the Inn is allocated to tenants and therefore we are unable to provide parking facilities save for loading and unloading.
  24. The Inn reserves the right to suspend the use of Lodgings from time to time, without prior warning, in the event of unplanned maintenance work being required or where Housekeeping services cannot be provided etc.
  25. The Inn is unable to accommodate requests for (a) different firmness of mattresses, (b) different firmness of pillows, (c) longer beds or (d) additional beds being set up within rooms.
  26. Smoking is not permitted in any of the Lodgings or within any other parts of the building.
  27. In the event of the Fire Alarm activating and ringing, the Hirer and anyone accompanying the Hirer should immediately vacate the room(s) and proceed to the Fire Assembly Point in Fountain Court. No attempt should be made to re-enter the room(s) until the all clear has been given by the on duty Security Officer or the Emergency Services. Please note that on Monday morning each week the Fire Alarm is tested. The test will not exceed 20 seconds. Should the alarm ring for longer than this, it should be treated as an emergency.
  28. Pets are not permitted to be brought onto the property except for a dog which has been specially trained to assist someone with a registered disability.
  29. Televisions, musical appliances and any other audio equipment should not be played or used at a volume level which causes any nuisance, disturbance or inconvenience to the occupiers of neighbouring rooms/properties.
  30. At all times the Hirer and any person(s) accompanying the Hirer should behave in such a way as not to cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupiers or neighbours properties/rooms.
  31. Should the Inn discover that a controlled substance(s) have been used in any of the Lodgings it reserves the right to bring this to matter to the immediate attention of the Police and also senior Officers of the Inn, as applicable.
  32. Weapons of all kinds are strictly prohibited anywhere within the Inn.
  33. The Hirer acknowledges in making this booking that due to the age and character of the property, with an almost spiral wooden staircase, access for those with limited mobility is difficult. For anyone who is wheelchair bound, it is unfortunately not possible. The Inn has been advised that the structural and other alterations which would be required to this grade II* Listed Building to provide wheelchair access would not be approved by Historic England/City of London.
  34. Where a Suite is reserved by a member of the Inn, it must be used by the Member for the duration of the booking. Where more than one suite is reserved, the Member must stay in one of the Suites for the duration of the booking.
  35. Where a Member wishes to reserve one or more Suites on behalf of a non-Member third party/parties, (where they will not be staying in the Lodgings themselves) they are not permitted to do so more than six weeks ahead of the first day of hire.
  36. Where a Member of The Honourable Societies of Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn or the Inner Temple wishes to reserve a room(s) they are not permitted to do so more than six weeks ahead of the first day of hire.
  37. To comply with changes in legislation or in the interest of good estate management, the Inn reserves the right to add to, amend or otherwise alter these Terms & Conditions at any time and without prior warning or consultation