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Mentoring Scheme

The Mentoring Scheme

Each of us at some stage of our careers has felt the need to speak to someone more experienced on a confidential basis about a work-related issue who can offer their perspective and insight.  Mentoring can provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment for such discussions to take place with a well-informed, objective sounding board who will listen and provide guidance as to how we might achieve our career goals. Mentoring has become a widely used way of managing talent in many areas of business, industry and the professions.

The Middle Temple Scheme has been developed to assist Mentees to deal with career development issues and as a collateral benefit to assist with both social mobility and retention at the Bar.

Who can benefit?

The scheme is intended to assist members of the Inn from all backgrounds with career development from first tenancy or employment as an employed barrister (not a paralegal) through to retirement.

Applying to be Mentored

To apply to be mentored please download and complete the application form and send the completed form to   We also ask you to kindly complete the diversity monitoring form for our records, although this is not compulsory.  Your forms will be kept strictly confidential. The Matching Panel will then seek to match you with an appropriate mentor, and contact you to suggest that you get in touch with your pair for an initial meeting.

Applying to be a Mentor

If you would like to apply to become a Mentor then please download and complete the application form