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Hall Committee 2020 Elections

Dear Member,


The voting period for the 2020 Hall Committee election has concluded and the following have been successfully elected to serve as members of the Hall Committee: 

  1. Eleanor Clothworthy
  2. Andrew Dakoutros
  3. Merelene George
  4. Michael Harwood
  5. Frank McGrath
  6. Jennifer Moles
  7. Karen Reid
  8. Simon Rowbotham
  9. Monifa Waters-Thompson

During the election process an additional vacancy arose, meaning that 9 candidates were elected to the Committee.

The Committee extends its thanks to all those who put themselves forward for consideration and to those who participated in the election process.


Lucinda Broad

Though called in 2009 I’m a non-practicing member of the Inn. I revelled for 10 years and was fortunate to not only produce but also direct this amazing evening. I’m immensely proud to be a member of Middle Temple and want to give all I can to the Inn.

As the Inn turns its attention to remaining relevant to members, it’s important to remember there’s a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the non-practicing community that can assist with this. If elected to Hall Committee my goal is to reintegrate non-practicing members who feel disengaged from Inn life.


 Imran Benson

Eleanor Clotworthy

I was fortunate to have received the Queen Mother Scholarship, without which the BPTC would simply not have been possible. I recently commenced pupillage at Fourteen and am incredibly grateful to Middle Temple for opening the door. I would welcome the chance to repay the Inn’s generosity.

I am particularly keen to promote diversity and help continue the inclusion of members from underrepresented and non-traditional backgrounds. It is vital that all members at all stages of working life feel supported, and I will be proactive in finding out how best the Inn can help us through the Bar’s ever-changing landscape.


 Lord David Hacking Hall Committee

Andrew Dakoutros

I’m BAME, gay, dyslexic, have ADHD and hail from a working-class background. I am an employed immigration barrister at GLD and joined Middle Temple well after I was Called. Yet I have never felt as accepted anywhere as much as at Middle Temple. The staff and members treat me like family, welcoming me into an inclusive environment that cherishes diversity and uniquity.

So I don’t want to pursue change, rather, I want to encourage more people to participate in our events, involve more employed barristers, and encourage more mentoring of young barristers from non-traditional backgrounds.


Merlene George

I am committed to retain engagement of members who feel “detached” from the Inn, having directly benefited from the advice and guidance provided by these members. I strongly believe in investing in our talented membership. I am very keen to get involved and contribute significantly to the Committee and provide various professional development opportunities.

I am extremely hardworking, reliable and have evidenced this throughout my involvement with the Middle Temple. For example, I am currently serving as the Advocacy Officer of the Young Barristers’ Association and have previously served as the Debating Officer of the Students’ Association.


Michael Harwood

I have been fortunate enough to sit on Hall Committee for the past two years by virtue of my Chairmanship of the Middle Temple Young Barristers’ Association (MTYBA) and now that term is ending am seeking to become an elected member.

In that time I have assisted in particular with the Committee’s work on establishing the LGBTQ+ Forum and on important issues affecting both junior and employed barristers. I hope to continue that work as well as lead on new initiatives to ensure that the Committee continues to be a relevant, progressive and powerful voice for all Hall members.




 Juliette Levy Hall Committee

Naraindra Maharaj

I was called to the Bar at Middle Temple ("MT") in 2000 after many years of being an Accountant in my previous career. After an initial stage at the Self Employed Bar, I joined the legal team at IBM and became a member of BACFI. I am currently a self-employed Legal Consultant. I also currently mentor King's College, London law students and newly qualified BACFI Barristers. I have been a regular member of MT and attend many functions and seminars which I have found very interesting and informative.

I have served on the Hall Committee for the past two years and one of my main goals is to encourage more Employed Barristers to participate in the Inn's activities. Some positive responses have been received from some members and I intend to continue, in a new term, if elected, with this goal. In this regard, I have been liaising with BACFI to assist in this endeavour and currently, I am seeking sponsors for future Employed Barristers' programmes for our Inn.

 Lucy McCormick Hall Committee

Frank McGrath

The Inn has provided me with an invaluable foundation to my professional life. I benefited from a scholarship and I was in the first cohort of Middle Templars to enjoy advocacy training in pupillage. I have benefited from the material resources of the Inn and the collective wisdom made available by the selfless commitment of others to passing on our collective skill and values.

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve on the current Hall Committee and I hope to continue to do so for another term so that I may attempt to make some contribution to the Inn in acknowledgement of the career that I have enjoyed thanks to the work of others.


 Louise McCullough Hall Committee

Jennifer Moles

I am a Junior Tenant specialising in Family Law at No5 Chambers, practising on the Midland Circuit. I have been a member of the Hall Committee for the last three years and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to represent the interests of those practicing outside of London.

During my time on the Hall Committee, I pushed for a more stringent harassment policy and helped to set up the Hall Committee Midland Circuit Society, which I am now the Treasurer of. The Society has been a great success. I would relish the opportunity to be able to continue being a member of the Hall Committee in order to continue representing the interests of those practicing outside of London.








Brendon Norman-Ross

I was called to the Bar in 2010. I live in Guernsey and have worked in a local law firm, the Economic Crime Division and international offshore finance sector, focusing on financial crime.

Middle Temple activities can appear remote and non-inclusive to members, like me, who reside outside London. I am confident that Middle Temple can change that perception.

I would welcome the opportunity to be an advocate for Barristers who may not have the occasion to frequent Middle Temple events, but who would welcome a committee voice to table ideas and suggestions to increase the inclusivity of those members.

Lawrence Power

I have been a member of the Hall Committee and seek election. In the two years during which I have been on the Hall Committee, I have been asked by the Committee to work as a member of the International Committee and the Finances & Resources Committee. My key role on those committees has been to assist Middle Temple with the development of their information technology systems to adapt to the changing landscape of the net and social media world. To bring to Middle Temple by IT background and experience. We are just starting and much needs to be done on implementation and integration. That is where I bring value to Middle Temple.

I was not born in the UK so I am an advocate of encouraging other non-UK born individuals to understand that there is no bar to the Bar. For the Hall members based outside of London and the UK, I will ensure that their voices are heard, and that the Inn remains relevant to and inclusive of them.  


Karen Reid

Karen is a junior tenant at The 36 Group, practicing predominantly in immigration and social housing. Karen has been a member of the Hall Committee for the last 3 years and served as the joint vice-chair for the last year.

While on the Committee, Karen has focused on introducing new events to bring more members of the Inn back into Middle Temple and promoting the interests of junior members of the Inn. She has also represented members of Hall on the Estates and Membership Committees and as a member of the “Survive and Thrive” steering group.

Simon Rowbotham

As a member of Middle Temple, the Gryffindor of the Inns, I have sat on Hall Committee for five years. Having practiced in Manchester before moving to London, I remain committed to ensuring that the Inn remains relevant to members on the Circuits through my role as treasurer of the Inn’s Northern Circuit Society.

I am involved in initiatives to raise the profile of our LGBTQ+ membership and helped launch the Middle Temple LGBTQ+ Forum, in my role as Vice-Chair. From its double hammer-beamed Hall to the staff, I am imponderably fond of the Inn and, if elected, will continue to contribute towards supporting domus, its members and students.

Alan Robertshaw

As someone who originally practised from the Temple; now living in the wilds of Cornwall, I love my connection with the Inn; but I can appreciate how it's so much harder to feel involved if you're not in London.

To that end I’d like to do what I can to make Inn life inclusive and relevant for those beyond the M25.

I am especially keen to reach out to students who study outside London; to ensure the Inn is a community where they really belong; not just somewhere to tick off qualifying sessions.

Domus for everyone; wherever you may be.


Monifa Walters-Thompson

I was called to the bar in 2014 and practice family law at Garden Court Chambers. I am involved in the pupillage and mentoring committee in chambers and dedicated to assisting people from minority backgrounds gain access to the bar and benefit from inclusion in the workings of the Inn.

I served on the MTYBA Committee in 2018 and in my student days organised the Munroe Cup debating competition held at Middle Temple.

Before coming to the Bar, I worked for Barnardo’s children’s charity and I enjoy climbing and boxing when there’s time after court.

 Imran Benson