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In 2009, the Inn established a Fellowship scheme for the purpose of promoting the interests of the Inn by establishing links with individuals (e.g. academics and members of other professions) who are willing to give service to the Inn in ways agreed with them before their appointment.  A Fellow does not by virtue of his or her appointment become a member of the Inn, but is entitled to describe himself or herself as a ‘Fellow of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple’ or as ‘Fellow of Middle Temple’. 

Fellows are appointed for a period of three years, but this may be renewed for a further period at the discretion of the Executive Committee if it considers that such renewal is merited by the service of the Fellow to the Inn.  Fellows are not subject to any levy or fee on appointment nor are they subject to payment of Commons or subscriptions. 

Fellows are expected to promote the Middle Temple to their contacts and to involve themselves in Middle Temple activities.  By way of example, an academic Fellow may encourage competent students to join the Middle Temple, set and judge moots, or deliver a lecture or talk for one of the Inn’s Term events or CPD day.  At the time of appointment, each Fellow is required to sign a contract stating the ways in which he or she intends to promote the interests of the Inn.  Fellows are eligible to be co-opted to serve on Middle Temple committees and working parties and other committees and working parties on which the Inn’s interests may be represented. 

Fellows have the following privileges to the same extent and in the same manner as if they were barrister members of the Inn.  Fellows have the right to lunch and dine in Hall, invite guests to lunch or attend certain dining events in Hall, use the Inn’s Library, and attend and participate in events of the Inn.  Unlike barrister members, however, Fellows are not required to wear a gown when attending dining events in Hall. 

The Inn currently has five Fellows:  Dr Aldo Zammit-Borda, Dr Jonathan Rogers,  Professor Peter Leyland,  Laura Hoyano,  Olga Thomas.