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Digital Collections

We have a small but growing collection of digitised books. Currently these consist of rare books which are unique to our collection.

These books are available to download below and are provided under the Creative Commons licence.

They consist of:

Sir Bartholomew Shower, Bibliotheca illustris Medii Templi Societatis, London: 1700

The first printed catalogue of the Library’s holdings. It was commissioned by Sir Bartholomew Shower, Treasurer of the Inn in 1700.

Bukvar' iazyka slavenska, Eeve: 1618

The first printed source of the Belarusian language, this is a primer of Church Slavonic produced by a monastery in Ev’e (or Vievis), Lithuania. 

Gabriel Powel, De Adiaphoris, London: 1606

Printed in London by Robert Barker in 1606 and is bound in a manuscript leaf from the Tables of Toulouse, dated to the 15th century.

Henricus Nicolaes Mouthaen, Carmen nuptiale nobiliis. doctiss. prudentissimoque sponso D. Cornelio vander Milen provincialis Hollandiae senatus praesidis silio, Leiden: 1603. 

This is the only recorded copy of this poetical work listed in the Heritage of the Printed Book database. 

Liano Licenciado, Examen de la composicion theriacal de Andromacho, Burgos: 1546

Another unique copy of a work on poisons and antidotes, with evidence of ownership by Robert Ashley

Flor de Virtudes, 1539

Flor de v[ir]tudes nueuamente corregido, Caragoça, 1539. A unique copy of this medieval conduct of life work printed in Zaragoza.

Iñigo López de Mendoza, Marqués de Santillana, Los proverbios, Seville: 1532

A book of didactic poems written at the request of Juan II for his son the prince Enrique IV; a unique copy not recorded in other collections