Members' Ledgers

These four series - Students' Ledgers, Barristers' Ledgers, Benchers' Ledgers and Members' Ledgers - represent the financial relationships between the Middle Temple and its individual members - recording payments of termly Commons bills and duties, Call fees, rent and other expenses such as repairs to chambers.

Aside from the financial data, there is a wealth of further biographical information and detail to be found in the ledgers, particularly in the earlier volumes. Bondsmen, chambers, professional details and more are recorded, as well as in some cases the nature and date of a members' death, information which may not be discoverable elsewhere.

The volumes are arranged broadly alphabetically, though not always strictly so within a given letter. Earlier volumes are indexed reasonably reliably. Some members' accounts have required second pages to be used elsewhere in the same volume - this is usually indicated at the end of the first entry and usually in the index.