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Temporary Call

A Qualified Foreign Lawyer who has regularly exercised full rights of audience for three years in courts which administer law substantially similar to the common law of England and Wales may apply to be called to the Bar by an Inn on a temporary basis for the purpose of appearing as counsel in a particular case before a court of England and Wales.

The rules for Temporary Call to the Bar can be found in the Bar Qualification rules part 4 B2 rQ25 – rQ28 in the BSB Handbook. You must apply to the Bar Standards Board for Temporary Call to the Bar before you apply to the Inn.  

Before admission to an Inn and call to the Bar you will need:

  • To have obtained from the BSB and submitted to the Inn a Temporary Qualification Certificate;
  • Completed and signed a Call Declaration;
  • Paid the prescribed fee (£240)

Please contact the Education Services Manager, Sally Yorke on for further details and an application form.