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Updated 3/2/20: the admission application process has now reopened, see below


Students may apply for admission to the Middle Temple either from the second year of their undergraduate law degree onwards, or once they have a confirmed place on the GDL/CPE (or equivalent conversion course.

Graduates of universities outside the UK: you must obtain a Certificate of Academic Standing from the Bar Standards Board before you can be admitted to an Inn of Court. Please include a copy with your application.

Deadline for applications

Inn membership must be secured prior to the start of the vocational component of Bar training. 

Persons wishing to apply for membership must do so at least 12 weeks prior to the start of the vocational component of their training.  Where the vocational component is split into two parts membership must be applied for 12 weeks prior to the start of Part 2. 

Applications will be processed in the order they are received (providing they are complete).  If you submit an application after this deadline there is no guarantee that you will be admitted in time to start your course.

Admission fee

The Admission Fee to join the Middle Temple is currently £105. Payment is required as part of the application process. If, for any reason, an application is not processed a full refund will be issued.

How to apply

1. In order to apply for admission, you must first register on our website.

2. Once you have registered, log in

3. Click the link below to start your application.

Click here to apply for admission as a student

For general enquiries regarding student admission, please contact us on 020 7427 4800 or

PLEASE NOTE: On 1st April 2019 the admission form for student applicants switched to an online system.  We are no longer accepting applications submitted in hard copy using the old form.