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Readmission to the Inn

If you have been Called to the Bar by the Middle Temple and, having been disbarred or withdrawn your membership, are seeking readmission please download and complete the forms attached to this page:

  • Readmission Declaration – this is an edited version of the admission declaration used for first time applicants
  • Schedule MT1
  • Data protection & marketing consent forms
  • Equality and diversity monitoring form (optional)
  • Please also provide a certified copy of photo ID (passport or driving license)

As the application process is different from that of a standard student applicant, please ensure that you use these forms.

Criminal records checks 

As of 2021, the Bar Standards Board requires that anyone applying for Readmission to an Inn must undergo a Standard UK Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal record check. Additionally, those who have resided in a country/countries outside of the UK for 12 months or more, at any point during the 5 years preceding their application for Readmission, will need to undergo the equivalent international criminal record check/s.  Collectively, the Inns of Court have engaged an experienced external company, Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC), to administer the process of obtaining the necessary checks. 

Further details, including costs, are available under 'Criminal Records Checks' on the Call to the Bar page.  Once you submit an application for Readmission you will be referred to DDC Ltd who will then email you to begin the process.

If you were disbarred, or have declared any other matter(s), your application for readmission will be referred to the Inns’ Conduct Committee. 

Please provide the following documents, in addition to the forms listed above. 

  • Full submission by applicant including their attitude to the matter and, where appropriate, rehabilitation
  • Any relevant evidence you wish to provide
  • Current CV
  • Two character references from independent professionals who know the individual well including a statement that the referee knows the purpose for which the reference is provided (such as to support and application for admission or Call). 
A reference that records that:
  • the referee is aware of any matters disclosed which suggest the individual is not a fit and proper person; 
  • sets out the referee’s evaluation of those matters when reaching the conclusion stated in the reference; and
  • the referee is willing to be contacted by the ICC if necessary;

may be accorded greater weight by the ICC.

All the relevant documents can be submitted via email to the address below.  References (where applicable) should be emailed directly by your referees to the address below.

The Readmission fee is currently £125. Please note that this fee is reviewed annually and changes to the fee apply from January each year. 

If your application is approved we can arrange payment via credit/debit card over the phone or you can pay by cheque (made out to Middle Temple).  

If you require assistance with your application please contact Sally Yorke on to discuss your application further.