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Access to the Bar

The article in the Middle Temple Magazine explains the thinking behind this award.

The Middle Temple Access to the Bar Awards are an example of how we aim to reach able students from backgrounds which do not traditionally encourage aspirations for a career at the Bar and help them to make an informed choice about their opportunities. 

Funded by the donations of senior members of the Inn, the scheme provides two funded weeks (£250 per week) of work experience every summer for up to thirty undergraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds. One week is spent marshalling (i.e. shadowing a judge in court) and the other week in Chambers.

The scheme is open to undergraduates who have little or no family history of higher education, whose parents had a non-professional education, and who completed their secondary education in a state school. In exceptional circumstances, students who attended secondary education in a fee-paying school may be considered.

University departments are invited to nominate two candidates each, with about 50 being shortlisted for interview. Feedback has been extremely positive: students have commented on how friendly and welcoming they found both the Bar and the judiciary, and Chambers have indicated how keen and diligent they found the students.

Applications need to be made in the first term of each academic year, through the individual law schools. To find out more, please follow this link.