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Local BPTC Reps

Each BPTC provider outside of London will have student reps for each of the four Inns, who are tasked with organising local qualifying sessions. At Middle Temple, we do not prescribe how they should be determined. Typically, all Middle Templars at an institution get together at the beginning of term to agree who should act as a rep. If it is preferred, a group of students may work together as a team of reps. Ideally, this should happen before the Out of London Student weekend at the Inn.

Students studying the BPTC at a provider outside of London may accrue up to 4 of their 12 QS at events not organised by the Inn. One of those 4 will be the dinner which the BPTC provider organises, the other 3 will be organised by students. At each of the providers, there will be one student-organised session which is accredited by all four Inns.

Typically the rep (or team of reps) from each Inn will have to organise two QS at their provider.  The third student-organised sessions, which are open to members of all four Inns, are allocated between the Inns’ reps.  So the Middle Temple reps from two providers will have to organise three QS, everyone else gets away with organising two and enjoying what another Inn provides.

Once reps have been appointed they should notify Christa Richmond on  Further details will be provided to the reps once the Inn has been notified.