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When awarding scholarships to prospective GDL and / or Bar Course students, the Inn takes the following criteria into account:

  • Intellectual ability: the capacity to conduct legal research and give written advice, as demonstrated by performance in school and university examinations, the interview and, where appropriate, other experience.
  • Motivation to succeed at the Bar: knowledge of the profession and the Courts, and steps taken to acquire the personal skills required of a barrister, will be taken into account;
  • Potential as an advocate, both in oral and written skills;
  • Personal qualities: those required by members of the Bar include self-reliance, independence, integrity, reliability and the capacity to work effectively with clients, colleagues and chambers staff.

Once the decision to award a scholarship has been made by the interviewing panel, the question of financial need is considered and the size of the award determined. Where a preference or limitation was expressed by the donor of the fund, the committee will, where possible, allocate named awards between successful candidates in a way which reflects these purposes. It should be emphasised that no candidate's opportunity of receiving a scholarship will be adversely affected by this: if a successful candidate does not match the criteria linked to a particular award, he or she will receive a different one.