BPTC & GDL Scholarships

Scholarships are available for the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or equivalent post-graduate conversion courses. Only candidates who intend to practise at the Bar of England or Wales are eligible to apply.

These scholarships will be paid in one instalment at the start of the academic year for a full-time course.

If the course is undertaken part-time, applications can be made either before the first or before the second year of the course. If an award is made at the beginning of the course, it will be paid in two instalments (half at the start of each year).

Scholarships will be awarded on merit after taking into account the candidate’s intellectual ability, motivation to succeed at the Bar, advocacy potential and personal qualities. The amount of the award will depend on the scholar’s financial circumstances. Usually the award will meet a percentage of the difference between the scholar’s resources and needs. The cost of meeting the special needs of disabled scholars will be given special consideration. Please click here to view the criteria considered.


The Inn welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. There is no age limit for any scholarship or prize.

Applications for scholarships may be made before joining the Inn, but no award will be paid until the successful candidate has been admitted to the Inn.  Candidates can only apply to one Inn.

Applications 2020/21

The closing dates for scholarship applications are as follows:

  • BPTC: First Friday in November of the year preceding the start of the BPTC. This autumn, the deadline for applications is 1 November 2019 for applicants intending to start the course in autumn 2020. 
  • Scholarships for the GDL and equivalent courses: First Friday in May of the year in which the course starts, i.e. 1 May 2020 for a start in autumn 2020.



The first Inn to do so, it has long been Middle Temple’s policy to interview all candidates for BPTC/GDL scholarships (the only prerequiste is that candidates must have either received an offer of a place on the BPTC/GDL or have an application pending before their interview takes place).  The first criterion for making an award is invariably merit, but financial circumstances will be taken into account when fixing the amount of the award.  Please click here to view the criteria considered.

The Inn is prepared to reimburse reasonable travel expenses for candidates travelling from outside the M25 to attend the interview, up to a maximum of £65 per candidate.  Please click here for further information.

Important dates for your diary

 Please click here to see deadlines for application and scheduled interview dates.