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Cancelled: Survive & Thrive | Forget work-life balance. You need a work-life contract! | Caroline Flanagan

Tuesday 17th of November 2020 18:00


Online (joining link will be circulated via email)
This event is a Qualifying Session and is worth 1 point


Preparation for Pupillage, Career Development and Wellbeing


18:00 - 19:15

Please ensure that you have joined before the event is due to start.

Introduction by Beatrice Collier. Followed by the lecture and Q&A

This event is expected to end at approximately 19:15.

Event Details

Caroline Flanagan: Forget work-life balance. You need a work-life contract!

This event is open to Middle Temple Members and their guests as well as members of other Inns of Court, though guests are restricted to members only. Attendance is free but booking is required.

There is much talk of the new normal. But how can there be a new normal when things continue to change? The only normal we have is the uncertainty of how we will live and work - next month, next year and long into the future. It is uncertainty, not normality, that we must prepare for.

So how do we find a way of balancing work and life that will survive this uncertainty?

For sure we must look to what we have gained. The experience of adapting to work in a COVID world has had its advantages and, however things pan out in the future, we want to hold onto these. But what about the things we have lost?

Working from home has brought us unprecedented freedom - from what we wear on our video conference calls to when and how we choose to exercise. But the blurring of boundaries between work and home life poses a dangerous risk: that work will bleed into so much of our life, we’ll have even less balance than before. How do we avoid this?

According to Caroline Flanagan, the longing for work life balance has no place in an uncertain COVID world. You need to stop dancing around the desire for less work and more life, and hold yourself accountable to committing to your career without dishonouring your personal life. Forget work-life balance, Caroline argues, it’s a work-life contract you need.

What we’ll cover:

  • The limitations of work-life balance
  • what we've lost from the old way of working;
  • what we've gained from the new way of working; and
  • what 2019 has taught us about how to work in the future.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to take responsibility for your work-life balance.
  • What is a work-life contract and how does it work?
  • How to create your own work-life contract and adapt it as the circumstances around you change.

This may be a time of uncertainty, but it also presents a great opportunity: to take ownership of how you live and work, and to be proactive, rather than reactive, in your response to change.

About Caroline
Caroline Flanagan is a Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, Business Founder and mother of
four, whose mission is to improve diversity within organisations and increase the
number of women and those of minority ethnic origin who progress to leadership.

Caroline is an inspirational speaker who uses personal stories, client case studies and
powerful questions to engage and empower her audience. She delivers presentations
and workshops to national and global organisations, international conferences and
networks on confidence, work-life balance and Imposter Syndrome.

Accessing the remote Event:

This remote event will take place online.  A link will be sent by email between 12-24 hours before the scheduled start time.

It is preferable to join the event on a laptop, but if that’s not possible then use your phone/tablet.


Student members: One guest maximum

Hall members and Benchers: Two guests maximum

Qualifying Session Details

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Learning Outcomes: participants will be able to -

  • Define the concept of work-life balance and take away a specific practical tool to help them improve it;  
  • Identify and define the core values that are essential to their well-being 
  • Recognise when their well-being is at risk
  • Describe how to create a work-life contract 

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