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His Honour Seán Ryan

Full Title: His Honour Seán Ryan
Category: Honorary Benchers
Bench Call Date: 16.6.2015

The Hon. Mr. Justice Ryan is the President of the Court of Appeal and is the second most senior Judge in Ireland. He was educated at UCD and King's Inn. Prior to his appointment as a Judge, he practised as a barrister on the South Eastern Circuit. He was appointed a High Court judge in 2003. In 2003, he was nominated as the Chairperson of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse which published its report in May 2009. From then until October 2014, he worked as a High Court Judge, hearing cases in a wide range of lists including Personal Injuries, Motions and Chancery actions. He was appointed as Ireland’s first President of the Court of Appeal upon its establishment in 2014.