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The Hon Justice Belinda Ang Saw Ean

Full Title: The Hon Justice Belinda Ang Saw Ean
Category: Ordinary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 21.9.2016
Call Date: 28.7.1977

Justice Ang was appointed Judicial Commissioner on 1 February 2002, and was appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of Singapore on 2 January 2003. Justice Ang sits as a specialist judge for Admiralty, Shipping and Arbitration matters including Finance, Securities, Banking, Complex Commercial Cases.

Prior to these appointments, she was a lawyer in private practice and held the title of Senior Counsel (appointed in 1998). Justice Ang was a member of the sub-committee on the Review of Arbitration Laws, appointed by the Attorney-General in 1991, that made recommendations on Singapore’s laws relating to international commercial arbitrations, and which led to the enactment of the International Arbitration Act (Cap 143).

Justice Ang is also a member of the Rules Committee, Supreme Court; the Senate and the Executive Board of the Singapore Academy of Law.  Justice Ang is the Chairperson of the Singapore Mediation Centre.