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His Honour Sir Michael Harris

Full Title: His Honour Sir Michael Harris
Category: Senior Benchers
Bench Call Date: 23.10.2003
Call Date: 23.11.1965

Education: St Bartholomew’s Grammar School, Newbury; Merton College, Oxford; BA

Admission: 25 November 1963; Call 23 November 1965; Recorder 1990-92; Circuit Judge 1992-; President, Social Security Medical Disability and Child Support Appeal Tribunals 1998-99; Appeals Service 1999-; Circuit Judge 1992–2007; President of Social Security and Child Support Tribunals 1998-1999; President of Appeals Service 1999-2007; Chief Social Security Commissioner 2000-02; Deputy to Senior President of Tribunals 2004-07

Recreations: Piano Playing; Amateur Dramatics; Walking; Music; Theatre; Travel