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Sir Peter Thornton

Full Title: Sir Peter Thornton
Category: Ordinary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 20.11.2001
Call Date: 17.7.1969

Education: Clifton College; St John’s College, Cambridge; BA

Admission: 8 November 1967; Call 17 July 1969; QC 1992; Assistant Recorder 1994-97; Recorder 1997-2007; Deputy High Court Judge 2004-; Co-Head of Doughty Street Chambers 2005-; Editorial Board Member, Criminal Law Review; Senior Circuit Judge at Central Criminal Court 2007–; Chief Coroner of England and Wales 2012-; David Jenkins Professor of Forensic and Legal Medicine at the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of London 2013-14

Publications: Civil Liberties, 1984 (contrib); We Protest: public order debate, 1985; Civil Liberties of the Zircon Affair, 1987; Public Order Law, 1987; The Polygraph Test, 1988 (contrib); Decade of Decline: civil liberties in the Thatcher years, 1989; Penguin Civil Liberty Guide, 1989 (joint ed); Justice on Trial, 1992 (joint); Archbold’s Criminal Pleadings Evidence and Practice, 1992- (joint ed); Analysing Witness Testimony, 1999 (contrib)