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Joe Smouha Esq QC

Full Title: Joe Smouha Esq QC
Category: Ordinary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 9.2.2010
Call Date: 24.7.1986

Joe is a commercial Silk.  After Magdalene College, Cambridge, Joe received his Masters degree from NYU.  He was Called to the Bar in 1986 and was a Harmsworth Exhibitioner and Jules Thorn Scholar.  He took Silk in 2003.  He has served the Inn loyally since 1985 when he was President of the MTSA.  In that role he sat on the Students’ Affairs Committee, remaining there as the Bar representative until 1993, when he joined the Scholarships & Prizes Committee, on which he still sits.  He is an advocacy trainer and has participated in numerous scholarship interviews over the years.