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Adequate Insurance for lawyers

27 Mar 2019

My background is that I studied at BPP Holborn for the LPC then trained and qualified with Eversheds Sutherland as a real estate solicitor. I left in 2009 to have babies and was just thinking of returning when I suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in 2013. I am only now recovered enough to think about anything else other than my own health.

I really think young lawyers should be warned to put their finances in order early on - being disabled is ridiculously hard and expensive. What happened to me should be widely known and should act as a cautionary example. I feel I have a responsibility to encourage people to think about their own insurance and I would really urge your Inn to educate it's lawyers about the benefits.

I was really lucky I had my own critical illness cover which luckily paid out but I understand not everyone. I understand adequate insurance is even more important when  you are self-employed (we don't know what is round the corner- I certainly didn't.)

The importance of having proper insurance can't be overstated. For me, having personal insurance has meant I have a lovely house which doesn’t resemble hospital and all the speech therapy and physio I need.

I have a little blog ( to keep me busy as I can't work) I hope it might be of interest: