The 2014 Appeal

Dear Fellow Benchers and Members of Middle Temple,

Since the launch of the Middle Temple Scholarship Fund Appeal in 2003 I am very happy to be able to tell you that over £3,000,000 has been raised towards our target of £5,000,000. The vast bulk of this money has come from the generosity of working members of the Bar and Judiciary. I am writing now to ask you to dip into your pockets (once more if you have already given) but in a quick, easy and not too painful way.

The current plight of the publicly funded Bar and the potentially disastrous consequences for the Criminal Justice System, in particular, starkly underline the need for our profession to do all it can to provide scholarships to enable the brightest and best to be barristers regardless of their means and background. We now have several thousand members on our database and have recently introduced an online giving facility. If every member who could afford to clicked here and donated £250 each we would raise a substantial sum. I invite you to consider doing just that. Of course all donations are welcome, no matter how small.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with the Scholarship Fund Appeal please contact Colin Davidson at

With best wishes,

Sir Christopher Rose
Treasurer 2002