Middle Temple Students' Association

All student members of Middle Temple are automatically members of the Middle Temple Students' Association (MTSA). The democratically elected MTSA Committee is represented on all Standing Committees of the Inn whose work has a bearing on the interests of the Inn’s students.

The MTSA is committed to improving student life at the Inn by planning and promoting a range of activities that amuse, educate and inspire members to achieve great things throughout the year.

The Officers and Representatives are elected annually at the beginning of the Legal Year.

President* Anna Brailsford president@middletemplestudents.com
Vice-President* Meher Sajjad vicepresident@middletemplestudents.com 
Treasurer* Kit Weddle treasurer@middletemplestudents.com
Mooting* Amy Woolfson mooting@middletemplestudents.com
Debating*  Jamie Batchelor debating@middletemplestudents.com
Events* Olivia Simpson events@middletemplestudents.com
Equality, Diversity & Welfare* George Hanslin equality@middletemplestudents.com
Communications Officer Adiba Bassam communications@middletemplestudents.com

Please note that there are also representatives from each BPTC Provider.

MTSA website: http://middletemplestudents.com/